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X-Wing vs. TIE-Fighter, Balance of Power, and X-Wing Alliance Multiplayer 
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Gaming Division Commander
Fleet Admiral WingMan

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VADM Day Master

TRA Command Staff

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CDR GodOfMars

Jedi Elite Commander  NRSD XvT/XWA Client Admin
Jedi Master Day Master
Chief Warrant Officer N2QHY

About the Rebel Alliance:

Founded in September of 1998, The Rebel Alliance was the 2nd DJO Gaming Division. The Rebel Alliance currently supports X-Wing vs TIE Fighter , X-Wing Alliance, First Strike: A BF-2142 TC and Star Wars Battlefront II.

We have an open enlistment policy, but we work hard to train all our members. Some of our past and current members have included some of the best pilots on the zone, such as WarHawk, Cable, Gecko, TheDream, Blinkie, Santinee (Kret), Rommel, TIEPilot, Mudder7, Cowboy, Alec006, Snake, and Tycho. We have also had some of the most exciting pilots in the zone, such as KitKat, Puttz, Kenny83, and Thok

Our current BattleStats liaison isn't Renzokuken. Any Fleet Member wanting to set up an event or has questions regarding Battlestats should contact DM or WM.

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